Most subscribed Twitch Channel.

Twitch is the most popular video game streaming platform wherein users stream online for their viewers. It is an excellent and one of the most famous live content generating application. There are number of channels that have come up and has gained popularity among all the audience. But some have crossed all the limits and are extraordinary in their work and hence have gained a lot of subscribers.

This article is about all these channels that have won all the users heart on Twitch and has kept most of them for so long. So let’s sneak into these people work and at the same time also learn who has the most number of subscriber.

The top 10 channel having the most subscriber according to April 2019 data.


NINJA is at the bottom of the list. It may be shocking for a lot of you but yes that’s the truth according to today’s time. It has about 20400 subscribers. No doubt being most subscribed channel on Twitch is not everyone’s cup of tea. But it’s really surprising to find Ninja at the bottom of the list as some month’s back he had left behind everyone and had a lot of followers. But now NINJA is losing its subscriber every day and we hope it will do something to retain it.

9- MooNMooN_OW

He is been popular for a long period of time and is known to keep his follower consistent with his work for long. He is proved to be the best example for making videos right. One should do proper research on him if they wish to follow their work. It has around 21400 subscribers.

8- xQcOW

This streamer first came on the series of professional overwatch player for two teams before. But later left the player league for some kind of controversy. He is an extremely talented streamer that makes videos using different and unique aspect like. It has around 22000 subscribers on his channel.


He is famous and a very recognizable face since he has joined the gaming world. He is extremely over the top personality very high products and quality makes him the most entertaining streamer at the platform. It has around 24500 subscribers, isn’t that great? Yes, it is and he is surely going to gain more subscriber by time with his great work.

6- Lirik

He has also been on the ground for a very long time. He has started since 2011 when twitch was in its nascent stage. Lirik has around 26700 subscribers.


He is said to be the best PC gamers of all time. He is known for every game he plays. Today he focusses on famous games like PUBG, Apex, etc. He has around 29000 subscribers. Marvel Future Fight hack is one of best hacks ever


He is probably the most unique entry in this list. They act as a television company and has literally earned money for the unique content on its channel by You Tube also. This channel has around 32000 followers.


SUMMIT1G has also been in the game for a very long time but has recently gained a massive explosion of viewership. Thanks to its own Sea of thieves. He is the most popular streamer for this game. He also plays PUBG and other famous games. He has almost 50000 subscribers.


He is been there in history for streaming on 81 channels. He gained popularity when he started playing with players like NINJA. He takes an hour before playing games and chats with his viewers.

And hence is able to keep his followers by showing his love to them. He has 55000 subscribers.

Huge, Right?

  • Tfue

And the number one today is Tfue. This new face has worked hard to come at our top list as the most subscribed channel on Twitch. He is undoubtedly one of the best fort night player in the world. And yes he has almost 80000 subscribers on his channel making him the number one in our list. And hence after all our research he is at the pinnacle of the subscriber list in today’s time.

With this we have come to the end of our list, I would like to inform you that in this streaming world nothing is static as the games change the popularity goes up and down with the trending games.

But at present, we have these 10 legends in our list.

Comparison between Facebook & Twitter – What is Good for What?

People say Facebook is for connecting with people in your society and twitter is for connecting with people you wished to meet. While Facebook is a multipurpose social media website allowing you to post, chat and play games, Twitter is all about posting a small 140 character messages or as they are called “Tweets”.

They surely are the two most famous social networks in the world but which one is better or which one you should be using.

Let’s find out.

First, start with the history of both because knowing history of anything helps us decide better about that thing and what’s in harm if we’ll get to know a little history.

Facebook was launched by Mark Zuckerberg along with his roommate in Feb 2005. It was at first expected for Harvard understudies, but in the end extended to incorporate other students at other colleges such as Boston Schools, Ivy League Colleges, and Stanford. The site continuously included help for different colleges, before likewise getting to be accessible to secondary school students. In September 2006, it ended up accessible to any person more than 13. On May seventeenth, 2012, the organization opened up to the world. It was evaluated at $104 billion. Facebook’s user base is as yet developing quickly.

Twitter was founded on March 21st, 2006 by Jack Dorsey and was launched on July 5th, 2006. Twitter is fairly secretive about its number of users, but it had explosive growth between 2009 and 2011, with 2 million tweets a day in January 2009, 32 million tweets a day in January 2010, 90 million tweets a day in September 2010 and 200 million tweets a day in July 2011.

Now we know when it started and how it grew but why or for what reason people use both the platforms.

Facebook generally is used by people for various reasons. Mainly it’s used to connect with friends and family or reconnect with people whom they knew offline. Also, apart from messaging people can share their life events in the form of photo’s, videos and texts called as “Posts” on their feed which will be shared with everyone in their friend list. Gaming is also available on Facebook where you can play multiplayer games and compete with your friends or you can play on the same side.

Twitter on the other side is all about 280 words, initially, it was about 140 words for almost 10 years. You can use these 280 words along with a photo or many photos and video to share your story with your followers. Yes, Twitter doesn’t have friends but it got followers. It is mainly used to communicate with other people with similar interests, regardless of whether they know each other or not and other main use is to follow updates from celebrities.

Little Bit More

We now also know for what should be using any one of them but if you are online your privacy also matters. So, now let’s find out which platform cares more about your privacy on the internet.

So, Facebook got a couple of options for maintaining your privacy. It allows users to select from a completely visible profile to one that is not even searchable expect your friends. Users can change the privacy settings on each post, from the public, friends only, private or custom.

Twitter just got two viable options whether you can select public or private. In private your tweets will be only visible to your followers and in another case, the whole world can see your tweet and give you alike. But, you can’t select a different privacy setting for an individual tweet.

These security settings are fine but we all know both the platforms are a victim of some huge data leaks. Last years, Facebook data of 6.8 million got leaked that included their messages also and do keep in mind that Facebook also reads your message and they know a lot about you then twitter. But Twitter also doesn’t have clean hands, Twitter has been accused of leaking data of about 3 million users. Watch Annihilation Full Movie now.


So, one thing I can tell that your safety is not a thing on the internet whether a platform cares about it or not because at the end of the day someone smarter than they can steal it or these companies can sell it to anyone for their profits.

This article was to decide whose better Facebook or Twitter but frankly speaking I will suggest you stay away from both of them because it’s not that good any of them. You can use the offline social network of your real friends and just enjoy your life.

But as we want a conclusion, I think Facebook is better if connecting with friends is your priority and Twitter is best if you want to know more about the world and what’s happening in it.

How to get Verified Instagram?

Feeling ready enough to apply to get verified on Instagram? Well, that’s wonderful and we will definitely help you in this process step by step.

Getting verified is not everyone’s cup of tea, their account should be good enough that is someone who is a notable public figure, global brand or a celebrity.

Even though if you don’t fall in these criteria, there are chances to get verified if you have a huge chunk of genuine followers which will eventually make you famous. So strive to increase your followers and you will reach your goals soon.

Reason to get verified.

For sure you will be benefited a lot with this blessing on your account. The blue badge on Instagram will help you make your account look trustworthy and attract more followers.

I think nobody needs an explanation to why they need to verify their account, Right? We all crave for it.

So go for it-

Steps to get verified on Instagram

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Click on the Menu.
  • Go to settings.
  • Explore and find ‘’Request Verification’’.
  • Click on it.
  • How to hack an Instagram account will ask you to enter your Full Name
  • Upload your ID. (Driving license, passport, Article of Incorporation, etc.)
  • That’s it now leaves it on Instagram and will notify you with the update.

You will have to wait for some days. I know this will not be easy but yes it’s worth it.

To assist you more in this process we have explained and made available the guidelines provided by Instagram for Verified badges.

Instagram looks at a number of factors to evaluate your Instagram account and determine whether they are in public interest and fulfill the verification criteria.

It states that in addition to the terms and service and Community Guidelines your account should also need to be-

  • Authentic

Your account should be of a real person, registered business or entity.

  • Unique

Your account should have a unique identity. It verifies only one account per person or business. Instagram does not verify general interest account. So never fail to have your own unique identity.

  • Complete

It states that your account should be public, should have a bio, a profile photo, and few posts. It should not contain add me a link to other social media services.

  • Notable

Your account should be well known or highly searched by all. Instagram reviews account that are featured in multiple news sources and they don’t consider paid or promotional content as sources for review.

It also warns the user not to provide any false or misleading information during the verification process.

Anyone found doing so will lose their verified badge and can also get deleted by Instagram.

We all know now what Instagram wants from us or the eligibility criteria for the same. So try hard to achieve all of them and you will surely get verified by Instagram as hard work never goes waste.

So now it’s your turn to be Authentic, Unique, Complete and Notable. And once you have achieved all, you will be awarded the most awaited gift for the efforts you had put it.

Building Your Network Marketing Business Using Social Commerce Tools

Online marketers often read about social interaction online, social networking and social marketing as marketing and advertising tools but are not clear about the idea behind the phrase “social”. All these actually come under the broad category of social commerce which is a method to connect customers to each other through the internet, online and then these connections are leveraged in a commercial sense. There are defined Social Commerce Tools that are responsible for social commerce.

Social Commerce

Therefore, in ways social commerce strategically allows for customer interaction and their engagement to attain quantitative business results when a smart marketing program works on the operation of pursuing consumers to make purchases through its improved operations. The social commerce marketer have to craft messages and provide social platforms such as blogs, social networking pages or forums to spread the brand, its online products among the people. These promoters intelligently allow the customers talk about the products through many contests, promotions, ratings and reviews that are all supposed to improve interaction among the members.

The next task is to make a comprehensive analysis of the emerging trends due to all the public interaction. The company tries to supply goods, services, and other promotions according to these demands of the public. The kind of ROI these programs deliver is determined by measuring markets and regular research. But more than purchases there are other factors such as loyalty; satisfaction; traffic; conversion; competitive differentiation and order value that contribute to real metrics to drive business and achieve long-term sales growth. Hack Instagram Password

Facebook is a hot source for traffic and that is why people prefer Social Facebook Commerce Platforms for improving sales. There’s also other social marketing programs like Social Media Commerce. They take content material from the blogs, ratings and reviews on the website of the company. The findings from social marketing are combined with larger programs such as in-store, direct marketing and mobile by using social commerce tools and this assists in devising unified goal which is growth of sales.

For that reason, Social Commerce Tools should be followed stringently by online marketers for gaining business. They need to gather public opinion initially by motivating people to provide their views on the services and products which are on offer to them. The traffic views carry importance as they are the important aspects to enhance sales. These opinions are widely used by employing programs like Social Facebook Commerce Platforms or Facebook Social Commerce Applications.

Social Commerce

Then this customer opinions is leveraged in various marketing strategies. Positive views about the products and services of the company are attached great relevance and these opinions are pointed out in all the advertisement campaigns and all other promotions like hoardings, paid adverts, catalogues or just about any way in which any interaction with the consumer can be done. These are some of the techniques covered under Social Commerce Tools through which core competence of a marketing program could be achieved for any business through the use of the best practices, real case studies and a positive & progressive business approach.